Dealing with Scalp Folliculitis

What is it?

Scalp folliculitis is the inflammation of a hair follicle or follicles on the scalp. Folliculitis can actually occur anywhere on the body that hair can grow.  It often appears as small red dots, sometimes with red tips, that appear where there is a hair follicle. It is usually nothing to be overly concerned about and can be treated at home with Terrasil Max, but sometimes it does need professional medical care, especially if it comes back time and time again.

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Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss: Essential Facts You Need To Know

Saw Palmetto- What Is It?

Saw Palmetto is a particular type of dwarf palm plant which is usually found in North America. It grows as a tree or a shrub which is common in warm climates. Scientifically dubbed as Sabal serrulata, it has been dubbed as one of the most commonly used herbal cures for hair loss. It is known for its ‘saw-toothed’ leaves. Moreover, it yields white flowers which produce yellow berries. When these berries become ripen, they turn brown or black. In this connection, they are dried and then used for medicinal purposes.

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How To Stop A Receding Hairline

A receding hairline, often referred to as a widow’s peak, is a form of baldness that’s as a result of progressive hair loss mainly experienced by men and some women. It is one of the classes of hair loss in men, known as androgenic alopecia or simply male baldness patterns. In women, it known as frontal fibrosing alopecia and is seen as a condition where a woman’s hairline recedes, up to 5 inches in some extreme cases. It affects the scalp mostly, forming a band-like pattern of hair loss.

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Scabs On Scalp – A Detailed Guide

What Are Scalp Scabs?

There are various skin or scalp problems and one of them is the occurrence of scabs on the scalp. This may look like dandruff, however, it can form thick crusts which can be so embarrassing. When the scalp is regularly scratched or injured, it will eventually try to heal itself. When dried cells and blood are mixed, dried cells form a layer known as scab. Scalp scabs may cause itchiness and redness. If not treated, it may also cause abnormal odor. Do not be alarmed if you have scabs on scalp because there are possible ways to treat and prevent them. Read on and find out more about this particular condition.

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Listerine: Its Beneficial Effects to Control Hair Loss

Who says that Listerine is limited to your oral hygiene? Listerine for hair loss is gaining popularity as an inexpensive way to treat your scalp. You can use the mouthwash to remove residue from hair styling products.

Dilute the Listerine about one half cup with the same amount of water and apply it on your scalp and hair with a little pressure to remove dandruff, dermatitis and residue. You can put the mixture in an empty hair spray bottle for your convenience. If you are going to use Listerine for your hair and scalp its highly recommended to use the original gold formula. [Read more...]

Detailed Guide To Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair

Apple cider vinegar for hair should be part of your beauty regiment. This is because apple cider vinegar is not only just a staple salad dressing but also a remedy to enhance the look and feel of your hair. You don’t need any professional knowledge to use this all-in-one beauty product. Furthermore, it’s a natural treatment that is unlikely to give you any side effects.

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Scalp Ringworm and Hair Loss

There are a lot of different problems that people deal with on a daily basis and men especially have to be concerned about how they look and whether they are losing their hair. Scalp ringworm is actually known as one of the biggest culprits for men who have hair loss. These men are often professionals who are desperately concerned with looking their best. It makes sense that they are understandably upset when something like this happens.

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Eczema on Scalp

There are a wide variety of different scalp problems including fungi, bacterial infections, and a variety of other things that are genetic. While not all of them are easily treated, the vast majority can be treated with the help of some great online support or the right kind of over the counter shampoos.

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