Bumps on Scalp – What Could They Be?

By | January 11, 2014

Have you ever dealt with bumps on scalp and wondered what the heck they were? It is a common problem that people have and it is unfortunate that there are so few direct answers. Getting the wrong information about the bumps on scalp can be very detrimental, which is why you should utilize some of our advice to your advantage.

The following article is about bumps on the scalp and what they could be. You will find that there are many options, but two that are particularly common. If it is one of the two, we also have some solutions for you as well.

Causes for Bumps on Scalpscalp ad

There are two common causes for the bumps on the scalp and each of them are a bit different from one another. The causes for the bumps in many cases is called folliculitis, which is a hair follicle disorder that often comes as a result of the some type of friction with a tight fitting piece of clothing. This can be anything like a hat or a tight band. A lot of people have the problem that this is contagious or given to them by another person, which is one of the reasons to be very careful when it comes to the folliculitis.

Even though the folliculitis is a bacterial infection, it is possible that you will not see all of the symptoms that are included. It just depends on what your body shows as far as the bumps are concerned.

The other cause is called seborrheic dermatitis, which is not a bacterial infection and is actually generally just an overproduction of the oil on the scalp. The irritation that is caused is because of the oleic acid causing problems with the scalp and irritating the outer layer of skin. This outer layer usually becomes red and itchy before it actually turns into something that is as noticeable as bumps.

Either one of these are problematic for most people, but can be solved by over the counter medication and a variety of different guidebooks to help. The bumps on scalp issue is not one that is easily diagnosed, but these two problems account for the good percentage of the total population with pimples on the scalp.

Treating Bumps on Scalp

The treatment for both of these common problems is to use specific shampoos that are designed for each one. Because the seborrheic dermatitis is not a bacterial infection like folliculitis, it is very different for remedying. However, that being the case, it is easy to utilize online tools to help you to get started.


Other Causes of Scalp Bumps

There are some other causes of the bumps on the back of the scalp as well, which is something that everyone should understand. The problem with the scalp and many of these ailments is that they have similar types of symptoms. Seeing red and itchy skin is the same symptom for just about every one of the different issues on the scalp. Even scalp ringworm is well known to cause some itching and redness as well.

Overall, the causes of scalp bumps can be manifold, but for the most part you will find the folliculitis and seborrheic dermatitis to be the culprits. If you go through the entire treatment on both of these, the good thing is that you will most likely be able to get rid of any bacterial or fungal infection that is on your scalp anyway regardless of the name.

The bumps are an embarrassing thing to have to deal with your entire life and there is no reason to continue. Use these action steps to try different methods on your own before you visit a dermatologist to get any feedback.

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